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Our motto says it all: “A friend waits for you in Guayaquil”.

Santa Ana Hill, Guayaquil

For us this means that when you come to visit our wonderful city, we will welcome you with open arms, help you with anything you need, and make you feel at home just like any good friend would do.

This is our commitment to you. Hamaca Tours & Expeditions is a tour operator whose principal mission is to provide visitors with an unforgettable experience and memories that will last forever in our exotic corner of the world, Ecuador.

Our center of operations is the beautiful city of Guayaquil, one of most important entry ways of Ecuador that features an extensive range of opportunities to experience the Great Guayaquil both day and night.

These include all sorts of outings from nature trips to beautiful ecological reserves to an assortment of night-time activities. This is a city to discover along with the rest of this beautiful country, and we are there to welcome you.

As we are aware that nature and people are the two main reasons Ecuador is such a marvellous country, we are developing partnerships to offer you more nature friendly and socially responsible activities. We believe in sustainable tourism and it is a pleasure to help our country preserve its beauties.

Visit us to live an unforgettable experience and be a part of our big family!

Peter Rodríguez Pontón
Hamaca Tours & Expeditions

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